RSGOLE Trader - A botheration with the seek feature

There is aswell a agnate affair if you use the ‘search' affair to acquisition RS items in your bank, and if you bang too fast to abjure a agglomeration of items (say, my golem outfit), added accidental items from my coffer beam in and OSRS Mobile Gold out of appearance and if I am abandoning too fast I can bang on these randy items and they get aloof even if they don't bout the seek appeal - been accident aback Monday's update, could you analysis it out if you get time?

The botheration appears to be a abstract amid the interface and the complete processes. If you try beat on a account that is not aswell in the familiar, it artlessly does annihilation on awning (as there is none of that account in the familiar), but it does bead the account that is amid at that accurate area in the familiar.

There aswell appears to be a botheration with the seek feature. For example, if I searched for "bag of salt", and the account that is next to "bag of salt" in the all-embracing account of items in agreement of the bank, say a brownish dagger, if I spam bang the bag of alkali and I abolish all of the accoutrements of alkali from my bank, it will anon move the next account into that slot, so the brownish artful moves into that slot.

This appears to arise because rather than accepting a account of the items in the bank, it gets the locations of those items. And because the coffer anon updates the accustomed position of anniversary account in the coffer if a account is emptied from a location, addition account moves into that location.

Also if you put items in your b.o.b and leave coffer it happens. Leave coffer with b.o.b tab accessible and rebank and items in your account will appearance central the b.o.b familiar.

Do you shoot for even numbers of pieces? Aswell seems appealing advantageous on the pieces and brawlers. I'm at 1/2 the xp (45m) with 77 attribute pieces and 5 brawlers, but maybe the additional bisected is luckier.

What're the 34k things next to the bright acorns?

I went out of my way aggravating to accomplish abiding I got even pieces... that endure trah section eluded me.

Both adept camo and lotd admission seren section bulk but dunno how much.

The 34k things are the anamnesis shards, which you get from pickpocketing with a specific canonizing to guthix perk. you can catechumen them into a agglomeration of altered divination items.