RSGOLE Trader - A big affair to abounding committed Runescapers

Thank you Jmods for demography the time this anniversary to get calm with anniversary added and your administration to altercate abounding players' apropos about the advancing accretion of Treasure Hunter.

I apperceive there accept been a lot of memes that these affairs are either fabulous or bootless but I am alone absolute hopeful that these affairs will advice drive Runescape's MTX bearings on to a convalescent path.

This affair is a big affair to abounding committed Runescapers, Mobile RuneScape Gold and I anticipate it would be a acceptable abstraction to be as cellophane as accessible on this affair and accumulate us players in the loop!

Even if you guys haven't had time to address up a abounding summary/report, it would be nice if we could at atomic get a abbreviate amend like:

"We had the MTX affairs this anniversary as promised, we will accept data and a arbitrary out by next Wednesday" or something to this effect.

Also we accept that MTX profits are a big allotment of befitting Jagex and Runescape alive, and there accept been abounding accoutrement on Reddit this anniversary about accession agency to accomplish up for the absent profits of abbreviation TH promos (Expanding Solomon's store, character/environment cosmetics, added accessibility upgrades like added coffer space, etc.).

I agnosticism they will say annihilation about the meeting. The affair wasn't just about the MTX issue. It was about acquirement beyond the absolute aggregation as a accomplished and the approaching of both games.

Also the accomplished point of them accepting said annihilation up to now is that they didn't ambition to absolution accession accustomed account about how they plan to do x,y and z. They alone ambition to absolution a account already they accept an absolute plan in place.

They apparently will not say annihilation until they accept a band-aid to allocution about (if they adjudge they charge to change annihilation at all) as annihilation they say to players (even conceptual ideas) will be advised some affectionate of affiance they accept to keep.

When you guys say 'lol they're not traveling to allocution about it' it alone gives them the action to say 'alright able-bodied we def don't accept to allocution about it now' bigger to be optimistic.

Too abundant acumen may be carelessness — and maddest of all: to see activity as it is, and not as it should be.

Also if you can't acquaint us if you'll be able to amend us about the meetings, can you at atomic accord us a date by which you'll be able to acquaint us if you'll be able to amend us? A date for a date.