RSGOLE Trader - A 3 added windows for a debuff

I'm apologetic but am I missing something? I've acclimated revo + debuffs in the past, affluence of times. What's not accessible is for them to actuate automatically on revo, you accept to blast them. This is astute for spells like that.

Edit: I just did a quick analysis at Lumbridge. With Seismics, vuln formed every time on revo as continued as I queued it afore the next ability. A 3 added windows for a debuff doesn't accept air-conditioned to me.

Not that simple, you charge to in actuality stop advancing and adjournment a added or 2 afore you can administer it. I've begin that if you're in activity and wish to vuln with anarchy on it doesn't bulk how abounding times you blast it, it will not go off RuneScape Mobile Gold.

What I did acquisition that works hardly bigger than endlessly advancing is to use a arresting adeptness appropriate afore application vuln, seems to plan decently.

I in actuality just went and did it assorted times in a row afterwards exhausted off or application defensives. Something that has already been declared in this cilia to work.

Edit: I just activated it, afterwards adeptness queing there's 2 agency of casting it on revolution. You either stop attacking, yield a footfall afresh casting vuln, or use a arresting afresh casting vuln.

The closing is how a chiral user would casting it. I don't see an affair here?

This is a abridgement of clarity, alteration it would accordingly addict or nerf these spells and chiral would absolutly feel the change. You either casting in a way a chiral user would, or you blast off (preferably with wand+orb).

That's EXACTLY how I'd do with manual.

Is this just a abridgement of compassionate or accept I absent something further, cos it's been accomplished for my revo 'tests' on dummies.

I'd just like to be able to use it in activity afterwards the bizarre nonsense. Lets say for classic anarchy just acclimated sonic wave, and as it's application it you alpha exhausted vulnerability, and instead of the next basal accepting used, lets say dragon activity it uses vulnerability instead.

None of that I accept to use a arresting or stop advancing completely, it doesn't accomplish abundant faculty and adds to the clunkyness that the .6 adjournment already adds too. I don't see the botheration in that, it's just a QoL thing.

Then blast abroad afterwards that ability. The acumen it can't do it is vuln is not an ability. The acumen you accept to use a arresting or blast off is because it's an auto.

So, to accomplish this clearer, how would I use it with manual. Able-bodied alluringly one of the agency I mentioned but if i capital to 'force' one, I'd probbably use a baton for a start. Afresh I'd adjournment a exhausted (.6 added delay) afresh immediatly blaze the next ability.

If you capital revo to do this, you can either a) use queuing. With revo you should anyway...


B) change the way autoattacks plan completly and this would absolutly be acquainted by the chiral community.

It's unfortunatly not as simple as 'just fix it'. It comes with a cost, and you charge to anticipate how it would be implemented. Frankly, I'm not abiding you accept chiral users don't just use it in activity about (or acceptable ones don't), acceptable manual and revo are appealing abutting to identical.

Edit: exhausted off is equivilant to us waiting, so this makes faculty to me, if you dont wish to adjournment and wish added ascendancy you should be manual. Sacrificing ascendancy for easier activity is the complete appearance of revo and candidly IMO should be retained. This could be added affectionate in agreement of ascribe timings perhaps, but should not be afflicted from the way it currently works to abstain affecting both Chiral in accepted AND 4taa.