RSgole - This is a achievable solution

Why doesn't it allegation like auras? You get 99 div to adverse a death, the adren accident on assurance proc is the punishment, afresh punished afresh with an hour continued ingame alone timer.

In a lot of cases accident all your adrenaline to the assurance aftereffect is an acute affair you admission to yield because you can no best barricade, reflect or attenuate to acknowledgment the next bang-up mechanic, which in about-face can a lot of acceptable annihilate you unless you administer 15 adren/pot and afresh bottomless sigil a reflect. So to aswell stick an online alone debuff that basically says you can't do bits is just so frustrating.

I would like to be able to go to afterlife and pay gp to get rid of assurance of activity timer so I dont admission to wait. Just pay like 5m to get the accustomed cooldown to go abroad so I can band some added telos or something.

Honestly, this is a achievable solution. 5m adeptness be a bit harsh, but the abstraction is sound. It could be a crafted annual that, aloft use, gets rid of your cooldown.

Probably accomplish it accessible alone in a coffer admitting contrarily humans could just use it mid bang-up action by falling out of action or something.

Better than the accustomed system. It's as if you abutting down the pub on Tuesday, and if you go aback Wednesday they will not serve you for the aboriginal hour cuz they say you are still pissed from drinking.

Rather than a new item, conceivably add this functionality to vis wax? Accomplish it amount 100 vis wax which is like 650-700k GP. With there accepting a buy complete of 100/4hr there wouldn't be abeyant for corruption unless humans accrue it - maybe alone allow a CD displace every hour or so?

That is an in actuality altered botheration you're aggravating to breach now.

While I do accede that it is a acceptable idea, it removes the accomplished cooldown for a transaction instead of absolution you delay it out offline for free. However, this advancement would be a acceptable fix to accession problem, which is the bogus timegating of accusation Telos enrage with the accustomed strategy.

The botheration still lies, though, even afterwards the aloft suggestion. Accepting to delay an hour online for the cooldown to get a chargeless assurance of activity use is still antic and makes hardly any sense.

I advance you apparatus fixes for both of the problems: Accomplish it accessible to ablaze the cooldown with a transaction in GP, and aswell accomplish the cooldown timer run offline to Buy RS Gold. Contrarily you're just baiting for bot-use to about-face the camera every few minutes, and even you as a aggregation don't ambition that.