RSgole - The Runescape apple needs to expand

Seriously. We acquire accomplished analytical accumulation here. Runescape is in actuality saturated at this point.

For example, let's attending at Falador and Goblin Village. Two about low akin locations that RuneScape Gold are analytic abutting to anniversary other. Amid the two are the following:

-Doric's smith.

-The belfry acclimated in the Grimm quest.

-The little anarchy temple with Zamorak wine in it.

-The massive Bandos war tower.

-A aperture to the goblin homeworld (or something close. Forgive my abridgement of belief ability in the morning here).

-Vorago, one of the a lot of able beings in the bold belief wise.

-Some brainless ladder and ballast that go into the sky. Idfk I never acclimated it yet.

-The chantry fabricated of rune essence.

-Probably something abroad because I'm not searching at a bold map appropriate now.

That's ridiculous, and it's basically the aforementioned everywhere in the game.

This is no best a fantasy world, it's a affair park. A absolute awash affair park.

The bold apple needs to be expanded. It's a accurate expansion, it's amateurish business, it needs to be done. All these admirable graphical reworks are accident their afterglow if they're accepting awash appropriate next to something else.

I don't allege for anybody added than myself, but I could candidly affliction beneath how continued it would yield or how continued added updates would be put on authority for this to happen. This would do wonders for the game's continued appellation health.

Since I came aback in January, afterwards a brace of years' absence, it's acquainted like the bold has diminished significantly.

Part of this is in actuality due to NXT, but aswell because the endure time I heavily played was if the old interface belted the bold on both abandon and couldn't be expanded, so I never accomplished how little amplitude is amid big places.

In the accomplished few months, I've chock-full several times and wondered if a aloft area abashed hardly to be in actuality abutting to addition aloft location, abandoned to acquisition out that it hadn't abashed at all.

A while back, I activate myself continuing in a atom area I could calmly see Falador, Draynor, Barbville, Varrock, and Lumbridge, just by affective my camera around. That's if it in actuality hit me.

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