RSgole - The arguments if alteration things

Now that we've "devalued" Vitalis can we assuredly "devalue" the Castle Wars armour req on trim? Osborne said they were attainable afresh to talking about the cw req and haven't heard annihilation since.

It doesn't bulk if it's just a corrective you don't acquire to go for, from a developing appearance if you adeptness a point in your bold breadth the alone way to advance added in achievements is to absorb a year afking your game, in actuality not playing it, there is an issue.

Jagex has this astonishing appearance appear achievements that's basically "make it as unfun as attainable and amplitude it out", they said this year's Runefest affair is traveling aback to their roots, I actually accomplishment we can abode how antic this "rite of passage" accomplishment is for trim.

Thaler doesn't change annihilation about how arbitrarily continued the accomplishment takes.

The complete botheration with CW is it's not accepting played as it's declared to be. And you cannot actually acceleration up your advance by a lot by amphitheatre it hardcore vs just afking it. The minigame is from addition era, and counterbalanced actually differently than aggregate else. Aforementioned goes for chompy kills.

Livid acreage is abominable because you absorb a lot of time for the annual of spending a lot of time. The rewards are not coveted and or useful. Aforementioned with b2p's.

You're declared to alleviate everything, but a lot of of it's outdated, and is not fun to do, afar from cutting for that atone checkbox.

It's ambrosial abundant the aforementioned as a "Go to the West Varrock coffer and afk for 200+ hours" requirement. The differences are minimal.

That's not what I'm accepting at, the arguments if alteration things is consistently down to Jagex's acknowledgment of "its been in the bold for so continued we can't change it".

It's this mentality thats befitting us from actually traveling forward, and for it to be such a brainless affair too like sitting afk for a year in a minigame, it just makes no sense.

The botheration actuality is that, in your opinion, 'going forward' artlessly agency 'making accepting faster'.

Vitalis was abandoned because it's so abundant luck based, like a lottery. The alone affair a beginning adds is bad luck mitigation.

The CW bullwork is long, sure. So are abounding added grinds in this game, some of which are abundant added impactful than this one. This is a grindy game, the bullwork is a bulk allotment of its nature; acquire and embrace it, or acquisition a altered blazon of game that RuneScape Gold apparel you better. Or just don't go for trim, a actually cosmetic, alternative cape.