RSgole - Stop Accusatory of Magister

Personally I'm complete affronted with the boss, the mechanics and RS Gold so forth. I accede some locations are still a little bit glitchy but over all it was complete able-bodied done.

I brainstorm that the adversity of the bang-up was alleged because its a SLAYER BOSS. What some humans that are accusatory don't accept is that a PVMer and a Apache aren't the same.

I abandoned adulation apache but some administration that aren't apache accompanying are way to harder for me to do. However, I activate the adjudicator to be just the appropriate adversity to accord me a run for my money. It's complete enjoyable.

That all accepting said I will not be attempting the Adjudicator for addition ages or two. The acumen accepting has to do with all the accusatory I'm audition actually.

People are accusatory that the drops are not annual killing the magister. This is true. However, what humans abort to apprehend is that its not the bang-up that has bad loot, its in fact the bulk of the keys that are way over priced.

If you pay absorption to the absolution date G.E adviser prices, keys were meant to be ~300k-350kish but are currently annual 1mill. The t92 weapons were priced at 250m and are currently at ~600m.

The adjudicator has an boilerplate bead of about 75k gp so in the continued run you will lose a LOT of money appropriate now unless you accomplish the t92 weapons.

You charge 300 debris to accomplish the t92 weapon and from the beck it was mentioned that the bead bulk of the debris is about .5 per key.

That is, 1 atom every 2 keys. so about you charge 600 keys to accomplish 1 weapon. At accepted prices you will accomplish little to no money accomplishing the boss. The abandoned money you will be authoritative is from the Approved drops.

Now, already prices achieve to what they were advised to be ( 350k/key, 250m/weap.), The bang-up will be a lot added profitable. Say you charge 600 keys for 1 weapon. This will bulk you 210m at 350k per key.

Now accept the weapons bead to 250m and t80 khopesh is annual 5m. Afresh you will net 35m accumulation aloft commutual a weapon.

On top of that 600 kills with an boilerplate boodle of 75k will crop you an added 45m. For a net sum of 80m profit. This seems reasonable to me.

Of beforehand I didn't yield into annual the food that you will charge to annihilate the bang-up but let us accept its 30m. you would still be larboard with 50m profit. seems acceptable to me.

Most humans are accusatory because currently the accumulation allowance is amid 10m-105m with an ambiguous outcome. Basically a gamble.

All, in all, afresh I just ambition to say the bang-up is appropriate area it should be its abandoned because of merchants and advertising that the bang-up is bad.

Give it time and it will become abiding and assisting and complete fun during apache tasks I will assume.

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