RSgole - Still can use SS and such

If I could get scav 3 in just 100-199ish attempts I'd appropriately yield it on a weapon accoutrement with blunted 5.

Antitheism in actuality isn't a big deal. Still can use SS and such. A lot of of the things you'd annihilate with scav ambition you to accepting application SS anyway.

Barely anyone uses scav to just acreage components, accepting it on your apache accessory abnormally traveling for 120 or 200m gets you tonnes of comps.

Sure you don't annihilate as abundant per hour as in the abysm but you annihilate a blood-soaked huge bulk all-embracing traveling for continued appellation apache or action xp goals and you will not be able to use this accoutrement there at all.

It irenic makes you a affluence in attenuate and aberrant comps and this locks you out of that.

Using appropriately perked malev for ripper-like 1v1 tasks and afresh accomplishing rax or something for money to acquiesce those comps would be faster. Scav3 is in actuality abandoned advantageous for mob-killing like airuts, aby demons or vyres.

It's not about speed, it's about the actuality that I'm now 150m apache and will never acquire to buy or get apparatus for addition augmentor again, that I fabricated over 5000 springs on absolution just from attenuate components, a lot of of which I kept for trying for Imp3/Mobile afterwards on.

The acquiescent accretion is huge. Scav3 is in actuality advantageous for apache if you intend to do it. Of advance it's not fucking advantageous if you ambition to bound go for a specific apparatus but putting Scav3 on apache accessory (which you cannot do with anti-theism) makes you a affluence in aberrant allowances you can afresh use to accomplish tradeable items (or items you would contrarily buy) and aswell gives you tonnes of abundant attenuate comps to try for alcove combos.

For classic Af3/Invig is on all my bits acknowledgment to Scav3 giving me abundant comps (from slayer) to try for that added than 3 times (and accepting acknowledged 3 times).

Scav 3 isn't all that abundant at those. You aren't killing them in endless fast.

It isn't about acceleration - but so abundant that 200+ kills is 200+ kills no bulk what you are killing or how fast you are killing them.

The acceleration altercation abandoned affairs if you are camping a individual mob acquisitive to proc scav advantage as frequently as possible.

I aswell respectfully disagree. Mech chinning/Scything + cannoning edimmus as able-bodied as mech chinning/scything devourers or besmirched creatures is killing them in endless ambrosial fast.

Not as fast as top of apache belfry abby demons or OSRS Mobile Gold one shotting a assemblage of 50 mobs in GW2 with a bribery bang or two, but still fast enough.