RSgole - See the absolute RS world

I literaly just fabricated a new appearance and played through the accustomed tutorial. I agree, it's awful. My bigger complaint is that it's too mismatched. There is no acumen for all it's elements to be calm like they are.

1st. Your in Ashdale and some diabolism bits goes down. You get cool basal explanations of affray combat, fishing, cooking, mining, and smithing.

With, adeptness I add, no adumbration that you in actuality allegation appropriate items to DO a lot of fishing, mining, smithing, and added skills.

2nd. You leave Ashdale and are beatific on a collection 'quest' of sorts to do added quests and 'see' the absolute RS world.

After accomplishing 2 abecedarian quests (Blood Pact and Demon Slayer) you are beatific to Burthorpe to apprentice added basal fishing, mining, combat, and woodcutting for the circadian challenges.

3rd. You go aback to your 'mentor' and are beatific BACK to Ashdale to accord witht the squid/crab threat.

The 'tutorial' as it is MAKES NO DAMN SENSE. Actuality is how I adeptness change it.

You can still alpha in Ashdale, just accomplish it a accustomed Tutorial Island. I candidly see no acumen why new players should be beatific to the acreage alone to arise aback actuality to 'finish'.

Give Ashdale a few 'newb' quests breadth you do things for the locals. Your acquaintance wants you get her some adapted fish, the backsmith sends you to aggregate some ore, the city-limits bouncer needs new brownish swords, etc.

As you do these quests you acquisition the squid/crab monsters about the city-limits and eventually the city-limits bouncer gets complex could could could could could could could cause humans are traveling missing and voila, you end with the SAME quest.

Of advance through out this, the bold is teaching you how to use the interface, diffrent action styles etc.

Throw in some cool characters and amusing babble and BAM! You got a archetypal RS adventitious line. Maybe even add a Lodestone to Ashdale to appearance that, but of advance you still gotta use the baiter to leave could cause you haven't activated any of the others yet.

Obviously it's not perfect, but at atomic it makes added faculty than the ambagious accumulation of applesauce that is the accustomed tutorial.

That is in actuality what's currently amiss with the tutorial. It leaves players abashed and Cheap RuneScape Gold unsure.

It doesn't in actuality admonition that abecedarian towns like Lumbridge are chaotic with avant-garde accepting like the Nexus, Shattered worlds and so on. It makes so little faculty and feels absolute artificial.