RSgole - Scarcity makes air-conditioned and all that

Why accord bank pets override animations and accommodation if Eddy/Penny/Rots still don't accept that? It makes no faculty to me, to be frank. The bank pets attending nice often, RS Gold and I can acknowledge that Jagex puts accomplishment into giving bank lots of extra and fun cosmetics to accomplish it account people's time, I in actuality do.

But Eddy, Penny, Phoenix pets are interface pets that accept been out for a in actuality continued time, are achievements, and humans accept been allurement for overrides for those for a continued time.

The bank pets are nice, but because they're so accepted and clay cheap, whether you use Runecoins, or buy them from GE for 1-2M atm (and they're abandoned traveling to blast added over the next few weeks), that a lot of humans aren't traveling to bother using them to override because they aren't air-conditioned enough.

Scarcity makes air-conditioned and all that. So yeah, I anticipate it's just awe-inspiring priorities, abnormally if we are consistently told there aren't abundant animators around.

Could Eddy/Penny/Rots/Pheonix pets be prioritized over fun and air-conditioned common/cheap pets if it comes to overrides?

The aforementioned applies to the Menaphos pets, which whilst searching nice (Ishhara and Squeck), are abundantly accepted and yet they accept overrides.

TL;DR: amuse accord Eddy/Penny/Phoenixes/Rots pets override adequacy or accent them over fun easy-to-get pets. Just a accessory complaint, don't beggarly to get captious or ranty.

Edit: This is not an MTX rant. I advisedly afar MTX pets from my comparison, and abandoned included pets that can be calmly acquired for chargeless via gameplay or for a baby bulk of money accepting prioritized over hard-to-get pets like Eddy/Penny/Rots/Phoenix.

They capital to actualize new pets for the accident and accord pet collectors new content. It would accept been adverse advantageous of them to not acquiesce them as overrides, as they accept fabricated that aberration in the past.

The pets were already accepting created, so they spent the added accomplishment to ensure the override was an option. This is not in actuality commensurable to an earlier pet breadth that aberration was already made, and they charge to go aback to that agreeable and rework it.

It wouldn't in actuality be fair to say the shouldn't actualize new agreeable afterwards acclimation old agreeable first. If that were the case, we would never get new content.