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Townscape Runescape players are everywhere hold their breath to see if the rock any changes to the next generation and the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5,RSgole RuneScape Gold and today the company confirmed that the rumors Runescape Gold were true would

be unlikely.  When she went to report the release of each of the plates generation of switches and computers, data, and also revealed that the next generation of Runescape players everything from weapons new car gets more powerful

support for Grand Theft Auto 5 to set up the Internet experience.  It takes verisons Xbox One and PS4 game on November 14, which is very similar to the actual date of the Rockstar surface only confirmed on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

and then reassured PC gamers RuneScape, the game was intended to appear is not even on the PC platform less than a week. Since the studio has finally officially that the game is also a blessing to computers around the world will have to

wait for the appearance on January 27, 2015, but it is certainly better than missing the start! But in addition to the obvious graphical improvements, and to increase the distance equal to improve the resolution, the Runescape players of

RuneScape also has a lot to enjoy new features for the game, and in particular the following: new weapons, vehicles and activitiesAdditional wildlifeDenser trafficNew trees systemEnhanced leaf damage, weather effects and moreWe many

already he knew that the sound can get a huge boost, but it's really rock went to extremes to include more than 100 new works in all 17 stations, which even includes a new audio own masters.  In addition, Runescape players who pre-order

the new generation edition get $ 1000000 cash, equally divided between the game modes online. Runescape players who buy the game to reward the next generation after the owner of it but the PS3 or Xbox 360 Rockstar Games does not have

exclusive goodies for their lack of loyalty. Are rare editions RS 07 Gold,Buy RS Gold seaplanes Runescape become Dodo princes, and the airship fastest available, as well as new wildlife photography activities and a significant part of the fire more difficult.