RSgole - RuneScape already locks you out

Jesus Christ not this again. It accepting case acute doesn't matter. Not in the slightest. The altercation 'well why not accomplish it case sensitive, even a slight aegis access is good' is invalid for two reasons.

One, there's in actuality no cogent how abundant accomplishment it would yield to do that, because it's such a bulk allotment of the 'game'.

Two, it in actuality provides 0 added security.

RuneScape already locks you out if you abort your countersign too abounding times, which agency animal banishment it is in actuality impossible.

To get your annual hacked/stolen, your countersign needs to be phished/keylogged/stolen in some added way, which agency that whoever is logging into your annual knows what your countersign is.

Your countersign accepting case acute has in actuality aught aftereffect on whether they apperceive your countersign or are able to ascribe it, because whoever is burglary your annual knows what the countersign is in it's entirety.

Are there added agency Jagex could accomplish accounts added secure? Yes. Case acute passwords is not one of them.

Sorry for traveling on a bit of a rant, but I'm in actuality annoyed of humans accusatory about case acuteness in passwords if it's in actuality irrelevant, and afresh accepting pissed off about Jagex not 'fixing' it.

Having the countersign be a bulk allotment of the bold is bad architectonics if they can't fix this.

I apperceive you can't animal force your way in but it still feels al of a sudden below defended now that I now my countersign is below than what I anticipation it was because of Archaic code.

Game was a bad best of word. I assumption I meant the accomplished aegis aspect of the platform.

You may feel like your countersign is below than what you thought, but it is in actuality as defended as it would be with basal letters.

Too abundant hyperbole. You do accept a point in that you are absurd to get your annual animal forced, as amusing engineering is one of the a lot of accepted way accounts get breached OSRS Gold, but accepting case acuteness isn't useless.

It's reasonable to apprehend passwords to be case-sensitive, it's freakin 2017.