RSgole - RS seemed so abundant bigger aback then

A bogie ring was just added in the Kharazi Jungle. Why? There is addition one just northwest of Shilo Village and the airing to the Jungle is abbreviate and safe provided one has a machete. Usually they are not so abutting together.

Yet this is just the latest of a continued and advancing trend Jagex has been following. One aloft a time, afore the lodestones, we about had to airing the acreage to get RuneScape Gold places.

If we bare to be quick we acclimated a teleportation spell or, if we had done the appropriate Quests, activated the assorted teleportation systems: Bogie Rings, Spirit Trees, Gnome Gliders, Flying Carpets, Charter Ships and assorted bugged pieces of jewelry.

Yet now, about with every amend (though I lay a lot of accusation on the lodestones), biking seems to get just a little easier. Hence the acumen why the new Kharazi Jungle bogie ring disturbs me for it is, afresh in fact a stones bandy abroad from addition one as able-bodied as the Nature Altar (which had be gotten to via the Wicked Hood - addition classic of teleportation accepting added and alarmingly easier).

Honestly, why do we charge to be able to teleport everywhere? Why accept a all-inclusive and ballsy game-world if one needs not airing the acclaimed acreage to get from abode to place?

I woulda fabricated this attempt afore lodes...I bethink paying up to 1k or there abouts for a law rune to tele to camelot. Afresh alive all the way to Ardougne. Runescape seemed so abundant bigger aback then.

Now it has become allotment of activity in RS.

On my persons:

- Sentinal outfit-tele a lot of anywhere, instantly added or less, 20 times-a day

- Lotd- GE (which i a lot of use) and 2 added teles

- Farming amulet (no tele) but others accept it

- In Coins pouch-memory strands, fayre tickets and tokens (and yes they still tele you even admitting abundance is zero)

That's a lot, all with law lunes or abracadabra levels, I do still biking beyond runescape on foot, generally timberline to timberline for the logs, fletch, comps and wc xp.