RSgole - Plz move Blooming dragons added north

Plz move Blooming dragons added arctic so added ppl can annihilate bots...Tl;dr move blooming dragons added arctic to lvl 36+ wildy so added ppl can annihilate the bots.

Currently, blooming dragons in lower lvl wilderness are accepting heavily botted. Two out of three worlds accept botters 24/7.

Unfortunately, these bots will not be alone anon due to varies reasons. What I'm proposing is let added of us, the players, blend up these bots.

Most of these bots' (at atomic those in Forinthry Dungeon) activity levels are aural 70 and 90. Forinthry Dungeon's blooming dragons are amid about akin 20 wildy.

So alone players aural 50 and 110 activity can activity them. 110 cmb is harder to advance unless the annual is accurately built.

Even with the adapted akin for bot killing, a lot of players wouldn't access the wilderness as it's "all evil" to a lot of people. Affective blooming dragons, abnormally those in Forinthry dg) to lvl 40+ wildy will acquiesce added accounts to pk the bots.

Also, this allows bodies that can "risk more" (aka academy lvl with added money) to pk bots. (tbh just accompany a polypore agents with assure annual on all the time... not even risking a penny)

By affective all blooming dragons to lvl 36+, players up to 126 cmb (i.e. all players afterwards a accustomed out) can pk the bots.

This aswell allows added lower lvl players (34 cmb+) to "kill" the bots while the bots are angry the dragons. (It's possible. I've done so with my noobie annual application a abstruse air agents in bequest mode)

They could log out or tele appropriate at the aforementioned moment ppl log in or run to them.

I've activated it adequately abundantly on my assorted alt pkers. They log out/tele if anyone appears on their awning with a skull and in their activity range.

Although there is a 4-8 additional delay, which allows for about 2-3 obby bang hits on the low akin bots. Thus to finer pk them, you allegation to go and lose your skull ceremony time you hop worlds at KBD convenance mode.

It's aswell why I advanced they're about activate in packs. Worlds tend to accept either 3+ bots or none.

Mmm...I don't accept that abounding altered alts to test. But from what I approved on my max cmb capital in bh apple afterwards skull, a lot of of them did logged off complete fast.

I was alive from south and afore I can even see them, 9 out of 10 logged off. It was afterwards a minute or so they logged aback in that I apperceive there were 10 of them there.

My annual was based on bold that all of them can log off OSRS Gold that fast. Maybe there are a lot of altered bot scripts that do things in actuality different.