RSgole - My bigger achievement for Runescape

My bigger achievement for Runescape afore the Mobile adaptation is released. With, hopefully, a huge arrival of players on absolution I'm just acquisitive there is a new tutorial by then.

In my assessment the accustomed one is just awful, it needs to be sorted. It would be such a decay of abeyant players if the bold doesn't set it's cocky a acceptable archetype if it is aboriginal loaded up Buy RS Gold.

I'm not abiding if it's just me but I don't accumulate arena bold for 20 annual acquisitive it will get interesting, I'd just uninstall it and move on.

The accomplished ashdale affair needs to be scrapped IMO, use a added absorbing abode with absolute agreeable to get humans hooked.

Also, imho, don't accomplish it a tutorial breadth at the end they alone apperceive how to accouter X en do Z. Accomplish it a story, accomplish it exciting, put accomplishment en dev time into it.

Make it so that the humans arena it in actuality are teased as fk and deff ambition to play the game. This can go into abounding directions, appearance bang-up footage, appearance accomplishment footage, or in actuality accomplish for archetype Graardor (for a lot of humans a ballsy aboriginal pvm experience) the absolute tutor.

Make admirable artwork, cutscenes with conceivably assuming some of the alarming (quest related) adventitious $.25 in rs.

Just ANYTHING to accomplish humans ambition added and in actuality alpha the adventitious added afresh absence it. There is sooo abundant abeyant at authoritative a acceptable tutorial, that i truelly achievement they'll listen.

There was a absolute acceptable column a few months ago answer a agglomeration of affidavit why Ashdale should be scrapped and why a acceptable tutorial is so important.

Shauny replied adage he beatific the column to the team, so they accept to be acquainted of the problems but so far haven't said annihilation about it.

In accession to auctioning Ashdale, the post-tutorial (or even tutorial) landing should be abashed to Lumbridge again, instead of this Taverley crap. It doesn't even accomplish sense, Lumbridge is the absolute hub for low-level agreeable and provides a accustomed starting point for advertent the map, starting with the F2P areas, afore eventually accolade their banned or venturing on to the associates region.

Shoving the blocked White Wolf Mountain in the face of cast new F2P players, auspicious them to alternation associates abilities for 5 levels (and minutes) afore acid them off, and spitting them out in a allotment of the apple that is abundant added isolated than afore so you can acquaint just screams of cable begging.

Get rid of Taverley as a starting point, get rid of the 5-level "preview" of members' skills, and accomplish Taverley members-only afresh so that bank in actuality bureau something. And get rid of Ashdale.

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