RSgole - Mod Edge is animate on a redesign

While he's acclimation it, could he accomplish the drop-down categories in actuality useful?

Like the Construction guide, could it be sectioned off into "Gardens", "Dining", "Games", "Utility", etc. by room?

Like formal/normal garden and assembly below "Gardens", kitchen and dining allowance below "Dining", adoration apartment and RuneScape Gold adventure halls below "Utility".

I'd be accept with some overlap, like accepting Assembly be below Gardens and Utility.

But appropriate now, the categories are just an complete nightmare. Why is a Globe or a Wall Decoration below "Skills"? They do in actuality nothing.

Why are kitchen shelves below "Skills", but a kitchen aliment below "Furniture"? You abjure aliment items from both.

Why are telescopes and adoration altars below "Furniture", and not "Skills", if they advice with training? And that's just the Construction guide!

The Summoning accomplishment adviser no best says if a accustomed uses Attack, Range or Magic, or their action level.

Cooking has "Meats", "Drinks" and "Other". Pies not abandoned don't get their own section, but it doesn't even acquaint you how to accomplish a pie - it just tells you to go buy a pie cookbook.

"Other" has aggregate from pies, bread, sandwiches, gnome food, every blazon of potato, cakes, pizzas, soups and sushi.

I'm not adage this is all on one guy to fix, but I in actuality achievement they apple-pie these up in the future.

Mod Edge is animate on a redesign for the Abilities area of the Hero interface, with the annoying scrolling all-important to acquisition the accomplishment you're searching for accepting removed and replaced with buttons for anniversary skill. Of beforehand this is still a WIP and not anywhere abreast the final version.

This is the botheration in the bold that needs fixing? I'm consistently abashed if I see mods animate on projects that don't bulk that abundant (really, does this interface affect your gameplay that much OSRS Gold?) and aren't requested if the association has been allurement for some things over and over again.