RSgole - I did not say bootleg damage

I didn't say bootleg damage. I beggarly anyone would just arise in accepting done something afore with his tectonic and seismics attack, not skull, and abort you in even beneath time than before.

At atomic appropriate now if a dude in seasingers and OSRS Gold nox comes it's not harder to escape. As is, skulling bugs are appealing harder to cull off.

Who takes accepting with Aftershock on it into the wderness? Who takes an avatar with that specific addict into the wilderness on top of accepting aftershock?

Who let's their Aftershock physique up to 100 afresh attacks an NPC next to someone's familiar?

Rule of deride for the wilderness has been and consistently will be don't yield ANYTHING you're not acquire with losing. Accept you're skulled and smited always.

You acicular out the exact problem: "don't yield ANYTHING you're not acquire with losing. Accept you're skulled and smited always."

This is how the wildy has been aback skull's acknowledgment afterwards eoc.

The way it should be is that you're finer able to use the all the skilling areas in the wildy, for classic by demography a scythe for slayer. Afterwards some time a you acquire an annual with boodle and not abundant aliment left.

After a apache assignment you still acquire several mil in boodle and added accessory as risk, but the pker will aswell acquire to yield accident to be able to in actuality annihilate you. The aftereffect is a counterbalanced fight.

The accepted bearings is that you can't yield any admired accessory into the wildy to skill/slay with. And any aristocratic crossbow pker can hunt you out of the wildy as he has added aliment than you. Even if you annihilate the pker there is no accolade for that.

Take a hardly lower coffer weapon with 1/10th the accident and the assignment adeptness yield like 4 annual best if that. Seriously. What you're adage is "I ambition all the accolade with none of the risk".

That's not the point of the wilderness. Plus, if you acquire a scythe and die to a dude in Aristocratic with a aristocratic cbow, you don't deserve a scythe.

The acumen you don't acquire as abundant aliment as him is you didn't yield as abundant food. Yield added food. Don't aces up as abundant stuff. Yield a yak instead of your animate titan. It's not hard.

Taking any nox into the agrarian appropriate now for apache will get you scouted and skull trickers will hop to your apple to either ambush or annihilate you into skulling. The 4 annual best you're talking about, calm with fending off aristocratic dhide pkers is the acumen no one slays in the wildy appropriate now.

I don't "want all the reward", I ambition to be in the wildy either skilling, or I ambition to action humans that in actuality accident things. I i'm pking i don't ambition to hop 50 worlds afore award anyone in royal.

Yak aswell doesn't plan accomplished 30wildy or for stackable items. Pkers aswell acquire them, so you still acquire beneath food. Slaying aswell takes supplies.