RSgole - I aswell added the authenticator layer

Promt the amateur to admission coffer pin if scrimshaw crafter is used...Someone managed to drudge into my account. Fortunately, the hacker didn't apperceive my pin so annihilation was taken out of my RS Gold coffer and no abundant accident was done.

I saw a pin abandoning appeal and afflicted all my data immediately. I aswell added the authenticator layer.

However, I noticed that all my age-old basal were gone. I advised the affair and activate out that application the scrimshaw crafter doesn't promt the amateur to admission his/her coffer pin.

I don't in actuality affliction about accident the bones, but I ample that acclamation this affair would be benign as ports assets can yield a while to grind.

This is just a anticipation of mine, but how about if the bold asked for coffer pin if you logged in and afterwards the pin, you couldn't do anything.

This would annihilate annihilation bad from accident to your annual unless the hackers in actuality got the pin as well. Pardon me if this already exists and I'm dark of it.

This is what the Authenticator does, but you can acquaint it to admit your computer for 30 days, which is why the coffer has an added layer.

Too abounding problems with this. What if you were in the agrarian if you logged out and afresh you log in and anyone is next to you and starts accident you while you agitation admission pin?

Also what if you don't play for a while and overlook the pin? Atm you can still play and do accepting and use bead boxes and whatnot, but if you couldn't even move, you couldn't play for accession few canicule while the pin is removed.

As some humans accept said, maybe add it to antechamber and afterwards entering it you can collaborate with chats/login to the world. Not arena for a while and apathy it - how does this alter from apathy a password?

Obviously, there would be a way to abolish it, and possibly hotlink buzz bulk to abolish it so you get a bulletin if you/someone abroad tries to abolish it.

Write it down on a cardboard or use a countersign aegis affairs such as keypass? Even afterwards this internet will never be a 100% safe place.

And you adeptness get socially engineered for your annual but that depends on your claimed acquaintance things that adeptness blackmail your online safety.

I was just adage that the abandoned affair putting it on the antechamber would do is needlessly lock you out of the accomplished bold instead of just your items in you coffer and assorted places if you forgot it.

Basically aggregate of bulk is already bound abaft pins. OP absent allegedly annihilation in allegory to his bank. So just lock that affair as able-bodied and it's all good.