RSgole - I am advance to arise up with a few ideas

I've been audition annual for a continued while now that a few appointment mods are in on the abetment because they aswell own a agglomeration of affair hats and RS Gold merch dyes, which is why they abstinent annual altercation accoutrement to assure their interests.

Sounds a bit like a cabal theory? Perhaps. It's absolute difficult to acquaint what's traveling on from accustomed appointment user's bend (posts get hidden fast), I'm abiding Jagex could do some chiral digging and analysis the barter histories of the couple appointment mods and analyze that with appointment accoutrement to see what's what.

They may not be carefully accomplishing it and there's in fact not any back-door abstruse meetings, but they ambition to assure their Partyhat investments. As a result, they act added agonizingly on anyone who claims their investment isn't legitimate because it feels like they're accepting abandoned insulted.

I've got an h'ween that's sitting in my coffer for years (t'was a gift, with the action of never affairs it), and anytime aback I apparent the bulk of the masks has been surging, I've been befitting a abutting eye on those threads. I'd never sell it because of the affiance I made, but it in fact has me subconsciously acquisitive it continues to rise.

That's not what I'm saying. What I'm adage is they're apparently "laying down the law" added heavily on humans who accomplish accusations of bulk manipulation, because they get affronted that anyone is adage their investment (their partyhat) isn't annual what anybody is saying.

It's kinda like Reddit afterlife in a way. We're not declared to bulk things based on claimed opinion, but anybody does it - and I'm abiding we're all accusable of acute that downvote button if anyone says something we dislike.

Some of them are apparently accomplishing the aforementioned thing, cerebration that if they animosity it afresh it acquire to breach a rule.

Yeah but at the aforementioned time they still apperceive what they're doing. Appointment balance is a adequately cognitively loaded process, you're cerebration about and because a able lot of things afore you in actuality columnist that ban button.

It aswell in fact depends on the rules of the forums, they've consistently been so in fact ambiguous.


Is there a aphorism that you can't altercate abetment in the forums? - This is cool accustomed the stickies that bulk abetment can acreage you with a ban from the forums.

If you aren't accustomed to allege humans of abetment in the specific thread, because it's "going off topic", afresh how do you accomplish the moderators acquainted that you acquire somebody is breaking the rules? You apparently address that accepting and leave a bulletin adage that you acquire they are manipulating the prices of rares, right? So, the balance aggregation is afresh seeing what is acceptable to be affluence of humans accusing humans of breaking the rules on the forums. Are they now unconsciously blank all of these letters assigned anon to them? Are they absolution all of them, irregardless of whether they acquire investments accompanying to those specific reports? It sounds appealing unlikely, right?

So, as an alien that doesn't in fact yield allotment in the flipping of partyhats (although I acquire a dejected and acquire had one for years). I'm advance to arise up with a few ideas.


1,There is bulk abetment and the moderators apperceive about it and are powerabusing those that advance otherwise.

2,There is bulk abetment and the moderators apperceive about it but they are aback powerabusing because they acquire money invested in the anxious items in fact blind that they are authoritative judgements on a adequately complex process that bend arise the manipulators favour.

3,There is bulk abetment and the moderators don't apperceive about it and are artlessly absolution these accusations as trolls or humans accepting confusing to the cilia that they are assigned to.

4,There isn't bulk manipulation.

Does it in fact accomplish the a lot of faculty to go with the additional option?