RSgole - Humans were appreciative of 99 attack

I didn't even feel appreciative of hitting 120 advance in RuneScape, never bought the RS Gold cape...This bold doesnt feel the aforementioned anymore and never will cuz of those big ass xp rates.

You could afk 100k-120k advance xp an hour calmly at armored zombies afore and humans were appreciative of 99 attack. Now it takes about 10x the xp to ability 120 from 99 and 1m-1.2m advance xp an hour takes a absolute sweatmaster to accomplish acceptation it takes about the aforementioned bulk of time to get 120 as it did to get 99 aback then. It's not the change in xp rates, it's the change in people's mindsets.

The added affair I anticipate I see traveling on is players comparing themselves to added players a hell of a lot added than they were aback then.

If you got 99 advance aback then, it was all about you. YOU did it. It was YOUR achievement. Who cares who got it afore you or how fast you got it.

Nowadays humans just assay themselves to added humans consistently and it's not an accomplishment to them unless they did it the fastest or best way.

PS: I'm talking about a accustomed amateur blank mtx/bonus xp. If mtx (a acute agency in the game's advantage and adaptation that can be EASILY abandoned unless you're in the top 1% of players who chase highscores) appear into play as people's bruised alibi for not activity able about their achievements, afresh just accomplish an ironman or something.

I wouldn't put it accomplished anyone to accurately say that to me. Humans aren't cocky acquainted nowadays and don't in actuality anticipate for themselves or even assay their affidavit for their own thoughts/feelings at all.

I mean, I got 120 advance "accidentily" off accomplishing bosess 1k araxxi kills and over 6k gwd2 + some telos, complete bruised as it is, i got 120 advance afterwards even traveling for it.

Those bang-up killcounts abandoned should be some array of accomplishment for you aback that's an batty bulk of PVM man. That's added than a lot of humans have.

Idk if i attending at some bodies vorago kc 7k bossess i dead are annihilation to me, i feel kinda appreciative of how abundant money i fabricated from the administration i dead tho.

That's what I mean, though. Don't let a few added humans accepting college KCs cheapen your own achievements. What you did still took hours and you should at atomic bulk those hours you put into it at RSgole.