RSgole - How abundant gold you pay for a band in game

Jagex, any adventitious you could attending at the bulk of coffer presets? To assuredly alleviate a coffer preset it costs 3 bonds (yes i apperceive if you use runecoins it is like 2.7 bonds) which at the time of absolution was a fair deal, RuneScape Gold bonds were about 4m. So 12m to alleviate one preset.

With the bulk in associates admission a few years ago, bonds angled to 8-9m. Now with one OP TH promo afterwards the other, 12m is bargain for a bond. So now with bonds accepting 12m anniversary and coffer presets still accepting 3 bonds to alleviate one it costs 36m for ONE preset.

Any adventitious this could be attending at/changed? even 2 bonds/preset makes it abundant added tempting.

Edit: Afterwards annual some replies, I'm not allurement for these to be chargeless (we are far accomplished that point in rs). But i would like a set bulk on appurtenances like these.

Why should we accept to pay up to 3x the bulk for the aforementioned able that anyone abroad did? We dont get added perks, or allowances for paying 3x the price.

The botheration is Jagex don't accord a agreeable about how abundant gold you pay for a band in game. All they affliction about is the complete activity banknote they get for that bond, which hasn't added as dramatically.

That would accomplish faculty if there was a agnate (real-life) bulk for Jagex to accouterment anyone an added preset. However there is not (well technically there is, as autumn the preset would crave adeptness on their basement - but because how little abstracts there is per preset, this should be negligible).

On the added duke one could altercate that at such a top cost-per-preset to players, abundant beneath humans are affairs them than would contrarily - appropriately in actuality accident Jagex money in allegory to blurred the bulk and authoritative abundant added sales(either anon from humans converting cash-purchased currencies or alongside by accepting accession in-game money-sink for gp).

Granted, this is mostly speculation, but...The bulk is in actuality insane. Not to acknowledgment the actuality that they should be in actuality free. Why are we accepting answerable for a coffer feature? I accept MTX keys and cosmetics, but it's a fucking bank.

A lot of things "should" be free, in complete activity or RS, but aren't because they can accomplish money off it. So they will. About anybody I apperceive has 10 presets, all coffer spaces, and at atomic one bought adeptness bar.

They can acquaint you it's accession (by giving you some free) to get added presets/spaces, but anybody knows eventually it isn't and you will buy it, you'd accept a difficult time acknowledgment not affairs them, behindhand of the price. So Jagex's best is simple. Accomplish chargeless money, or don't..I beggarly I'd do it too and so would you.

The bulk is insane. I couldn't accede more. I mean, 5 presets costs $90 with bonds. That's a lot for just one affection of the game. A lot of amateur advertise the complete bold for $60 or less.