RSgole - F2P circadian challenges are worse

With the contempo amend I've noticed that some of the circadian challenges acquire gotten worse for some alien reasons. Noticeable examples are:

- Cooking; From Meat Pizzas to Swordfishes

- Runecrafting: From Runespan V to Physique Runes

Unsure about added skills, but this change after-effects in challenges accepting account beneath acquaintance aloft achievement as these are of lower levels.

Not to acknowledgment crafting 610 physique runes is worse to do than 302 runes in Runespan.

I'm not abiding if this change is intended, but as this change is undocumented some description would be nice.

I just accustomed that physique runecrafting claiming and was apprehensive if did this new amend happen. I'm traveling to try to do it and see if I feel it's account while.

edit: I gave up halfway. I anticipation the claiming counted how abounding physique runes you adeptness per inventory, but it in actuality counts how abounding rune aspect you catechumen into runes.

In short, abandoned 27 will be added to your claiming per run. GIVE ME BACK RUNESPAN V CHALLENGE!

Runecrafting isn't account accomplishing if you acquire to adeptness physique runes.

Hopefully it will be afflicted aback to runespan, unless acquaintance from approved runecrafting were to be tripled.

The F2P circadian challenges are worse. It's consistently the aforementioned blazon of challenges with poor rewards.

Prepare for the anti f2p army by the way, they'll acceptable be actuality at some point.

I mean, I was a P2P afore and I can assure that the abandoned acceptable affair about F2P are the challenges, the rewards can be upgraded a little bit.

F2P aren't complete people, but over 20 trips for a physique rune claiming is excessive, even for my apperception controlled monkey butler.

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