RSgole - Coffer and GE clerks were in the center

Area about the berth in the added photo looks kinda empty. In the old single-booth version of OSRS Gold, it looked added abounding because it was an absolute building.

I anticipate it'd be a abundant abstraction to "fill this in" a bit more. They can add crooked stalls in the four corners (where old booths acclimated to be), forth with NPC's broadcast about with misc boxes and crates of aliment to accord it a added "bustling trading hub" blazon of feel.

ATM, it kinda feels too abundant of a WIP to be arise - like if you see pre-release screenshots of amateur and they're missing arena textures.

I don't get how humans anticipate it'll be a crazy lagg fest, it's not like that abounding humans even just breach at the GE anymore. And you can't even acquire familiars.

I feel like prif centre is abate and anybody has pets/familiars and it doesn't in fact lagg that much. So why would the ge?

Isn't this how the GE was originally set up? Like the coffer and vendors were in the middle?

Yeah, coffer and GE clerks were in the centermost on a big rock platform, with assorted NPCs nearby. Part of the acumen it was originally breach off in the aboriginal abode was to advance out the players there, abbreviation the lag in the process.

Now though, with the NXT applicant there in fact shouldn't be abundant of an alibi for lag to be an affair for switching it aback to a alone booth, added the accession of Menaphos and Prifddinas GE's aback the split, acceptance players to do their GE buying/selling there instead.

Why did humans anticipate this was account the development time again?

Mostly accusation homesickness for it, as some believed that with the GE accepting centered again, again the breadth would be added lively, admitting I anticipate those humans acquire rose-tinted goggles alert on bound and can't see that the change (while appreciated) will not magically achieve it a active as they acquire it was aback then.

Yeah the absolute botheration is there's absolute few affidavit to go to anywhere added than Menaphos/Prif unless you are f2p.

The absolute band-aid would be to move the Varrock lodestone abundant afterpiece to the ge and add a few baby things for low akin players. I'd say add a taskmaster, some crooked 30 merchants and advancement bisected of the GE copse to oak.

This would be some abecedarian achieve into authoritative it a able low-level hub city-limits to bout Menaphos/Prif. At the absolute least, it adeptness argue me to coffer there instead of edgeville if I'm on f2p.