RSgole - Araxxor Basal Aisle needs a SERIOUS fix

Currently, Basal Aisle Araxxor is the worst, abnormally if Minions aisle is open. Bugs that are accepted just affliction this boss, RS Gold and they never get fixed.

1,Bottom Aisle itself takes way too long. But if eggs spawn on one ancillary of the aisle and the ablaze is on the other, that isn't fair at all. Amuse fix this so either the eggs spawn a acceptable ambit abroad from the light, and not a million afar away.

2,ENTERING Appearance 3 afterwards basal aisle and cat-and-mouse for ablaze to spawn takes way too long, and hurts on top enrages. Why does it yield so continued to spawn?

3,Darkness CONTINUES afterwards Appearance 2 of Basal Aisle for a acceptable 5-10 seconds, some cases even longer. And also, Rax has an befalling to carve you whilst it is still dark, which is in fact unfair. Also, hurts like bits on top enrages.

4,Eggs in Appearance 2, basal aisle Sometimes spawn just afore the ablaze changes to the added ancillary of the path. Can this be changed?

5,Using Channelled abilites at the amiss time can be suicidal.

6,Cleave Adeptness (Player) If Meleeing has a addiction to not even hit (about 33% adventitious of not landing). No burst icon, no adrenaline gain, but adeptness goes on cooldown and no accident is given. Obvious bug that has been about for a good 2-3 months.

7,Minions yield FOREVER to Spawn if top aisle is open. Why acquire to we delay for Araxxor to do a appropriate to absolution minions? Been a acceptable few times I acquire waited for minions to spawn, and he artlessly wouldn't. Why can they not spawn like this;(Because the Rax can either; Cocoon you, Web, Carve or absolution minions (or on appearance 3, darkness). There are too abounding specials and to delay for a artisan so it will not fuck you over in Appearance 4 (which is does 99.9% of the time) sounds ridiculous.

a.Taking Top Path, Appearance 2 - Spiders Spawn at 80k, 60k, 40k and 20k lifepoints, in fact behindhand the bang-up to delay for a appropriate attack.

b.Taking Mid or Bottom, Appearance 3 - Spiders Spawn at 80k, 60k, 40k and 20k (like above, in fact behindhand the bang-up to delay for a special)

c.If anyone has a bigger abstraction to how spiders should spawn, feel chargeless to animadversion a advancement below.

I'm apologetic if this seems like a acerbity post, because it is. Rax is allegedly the alone bang-up I adore in this bold and it is just riddled with brainless glitches which makes the acquaintance in fact bad.

EDIT [1]: Just added a few added sources.

EDIT [2]: Few typo's.