RSgole - Any new amateur who admired pvm

To be fair, they abandoned started tracking the drops in a architecture that can be taken advantage of the update, this update.

Go annihilate a few hundred monsters above-mentioned to the bead log update, afresh ask yourself, "Exactly how abounding did I kill?" or "How abounding addy 2hs did I get?"

If you didn't accumulate track, that admonition isn't out there. Adeptness be in some bold log in a architecture that'd yield consistently to query, but that's in actuality impractical.

It can abandoned clue what's happened post-update, and items you already accept in your bank/pet interface.

Another classic is the bang-up and apache kill-counts - not recorded kills above-mentioned to update.It's a abstruse limitation that couldn't be analytic overcome.

Honestly I could see analytic the accordant admonition demography months - by which time it'd already be out-of-date.

Any new amateur who admired pvm and had an appetite to complete achievements would be draw in by (insane) final bang-up title(s).

If u ambition to appearance off how abundant u annihilate one boss, u accept pet overrides that accept a KC on appraise feature, what did this new affection in actuality add to the bold from the acute of a new player?

Nothing at all. All it did was accomplish active plan for complete players, like so abounding contempo updates do, and i anticipate this is OP's point.

Probably the abandoned bang-up pet a accustomed amateur would get afore accepting got all the added drops would be anarchy elemental, accustomed how abominably attenuate pvp armour drops are from there, corp, accustomed how attenuate the sigils are, and telos, accustomed how attenuate top drops are unless u can acreage top enrage streaks.

And ou could say that kc on pets would annual for the aboriginal two, RS Gold and the administrator appellation for telos, so they dont in actuality serve any purpose added than "i got advantageous with RNG" which is hardly an "achievement".