RSgole:An attack at P4E2

LotD should advice access your adventitious of accepting perks. Scavenging 3, Precise4Equilibrium2, Bright Headed3Reflexes etc all activity to mind.

The ring comes from Invention yet doesn't advice Invention at all, would be a air-conditioned accession imo. I just spent 200m on 2x crabbed gizmos and i dont even wana apperceive how abundant i spent on my p4e2s.

P4E2 attempts are in fact decidedly cheap. An attack at P4E2 abandoned costs about 15k if you do Magic Shieldbows.

Personally had 3 P4E2 in 1.7k attempts at the moment, I don't ahead I've spent added than 30m.

Compare that to P5, alarm it 6m per one, it isn't that abundant added big-ticket because you're accepting a adequately big DPS increase.

Edit: The abandoned acumen I've been traveling for P4E2s is because I wish the chargeless clockwork apparatus from gizmos lol. I ahead already I get 4 I'll man up and buy cannons.

According to the wiki 5 absolute apparatus and 10 bladed apparatus is about 27k +/- 1k. I ahead ive fabricated about about 4k or 5k for 3 gizmos which works out to be 40m a gizmo.

I afflicted it by a 1/3 adventitious of Absolute apparatus (3% adventitious * 12 angled down) to get a absolute basal with Magic Shieldbows accepting 1k anniversary aback that's what I accept been paying. I assumption Wikia is added authentic than my napkin maths though.

Also I consistently apprehend about 1/500 accepting the bulk for the Gizmo, so I ample I was about average of RuneScape Gold.

No worries and yeah im in fact rly fkn afflicted so id apprehend the absolute avg bulk to be something agnate to an as3 comp.