RSgole - Aloft Barrows Equipment in Runescape

Thats what amateurish business should attending like, animating old content. And Barrows brothers should be buffed a bit with it. They buffed them endure November with The Amulet of the Forsaken.

Hardmode RotS sounds great, here's a few annual aback we are on the topic:

- Brothers HP breach the same, but everytime one dies, the others alleviate 10k instead of 5k.

- Adumbration Realm causes brothers to alleviate 100 HP every tick. If you don't accomplishment them fast you're in trouble.

- Verac instead of clarification your adoration if you don't do to a specific place, he'll bawl and his nex advance will about-face your prayers completelly off for 6 abnormal if you don't anticipate/freedom it.

- Torag instead of spinning and burrying you, he'd abate your run activity by a anchored amout per 10% of aggregate he hits on you.

- Guthan instead of spinning and throwing his spear, would alleviate 100% of aggregate he hits.

- Dharok not abandoned would hit academy the lower his HP gets, but instead of application the "Give me everything", every 15k HP he'd Meteor Strike the accepted position of the players he's facing, just like Telos Authority Still. He'd hit the hp his lacking (if hes at 30k hp, he'd hit 20k).

- Ahrim would do a few things: bake his target, banishment him/her to breach still. Would use debuffs on the target, causing him to yield added accident and do beneath damage. Instead of accomplishing the blaze spin, Ahrim would block a ancillary of the ancillary he's on with flames, until he's dealt 20k damage.

- Karil: Still traveling to Adumbration Bomb. If teleporting to the added side, is traveling to amaze for 5s and bind for 15s a amateur at accidental afterwards a few abnormal of appearing. Instead of accomplishing the flamming spinning, he'll go to the average of his original ancillary and will allegation a bomb. It would be a adumbration bomb with enought ambit to hit the complete arena. Would stop charging if dealt 20k accident in time.

- Why yield abroad the spin? It is annoying and ends up giving chargeless alleviate to the player, because if you run you can ss and get endless of hp.

- Why yield abroad Guthan's spear? Causes amateur that didn't yield the added to not recieve accident because Guthan is unarmed, and can be messy, like, one has inc on and you voke to get lose of the added but afresh inc makes him about-face aback again. You can chase but it's blowzy aswell.

- Dh "Give me everything!"? It's just dumb. Bargain artisan to prolong the activity and is easly avoidable.

- And Verac? He's soooo abortive appropriate now. By authoritative him shut your adoration down it'd accomplish him a problem.

- Ahrims? Ahrims is abortive appropriate now.

- Karils? Does his affair but Lighting is just annoying as hell, that bits covers added breadth afresh it looks to cover, just stupid.

- And fucking Torag, he does his thing, doesn't he? Well... Torag's inconvinient. Humans like challanges, like soloing a ancillary of RotS, but you can't do this with accepted Torag. By authoritative him cesspool your run, you could added realisticly solo him but the all-embracing aftereffect would still be the same. no run activity = no alienated damage/specs. And yes, activity pots, but they yield aliment space.

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