RSgole - Achievements tab improvements idea

I like the top band of tabs that categorizes the Achievements, but the 2nd band of tabs I feel makes the interface bulky due to abridgement of amplitude for all the areas. A drop-down alternative or a annual to the ancillary would be better.

I in actuality like the added band of tabs rather than a dropdown. Perhaps they could be a little slimmer, and afterwards the artwork at the top to accomplish added room.

What I added was some accepting I saw adapted in the comments, and rather than checkboxes to clarify difficulties I anticipation it'd be authentic to acquire toggling badges instead.

There's aswell some added accepting that could be added that I was too apathetic to, such as alive assignment pinning, announcement the aggregate of filtered tasks, something like what the accepted interface has which summarizes which tasks are locked/unlocked/completed, and even admitting there are few non-set tasks maybe the clarify advantage for those too.

Thus does not feel abundant at all...For a bold like Runescape that's consistently accepting new agreeable there would be a charge to possibly add added tabs which in this architecture would get out of duke bound and just makes this architecture not plan in my opinion.

So add symbols for the areas, or accomplish the argument smaller, or acquire the tabs go down horizontally.

Dismissing a advancement because Runescape may or may not get accession annual in the approaching (ignoring the actuality that every breadth ingame has it) is just stupid.

I would get acclimated to the actuality that not anybody is traveling to accede and like the aloft things. This is MY assessment and you are chargeless to acquire a altered one.

I just said that your assessment was stupid, I'm acclimated to the actuality that not anybody agrees with me, I just anticipate that what you said was stupid.

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