RSgole - Accomplish below awash worlds easier

Ironically there's no point in aggravating to in actuality annihilate her now; You can just hit her already and adjournment for the despawn to get the reward.

Killing her in years above-mentioned was about just to get the rewards faster, but that's traveling to be a attenuate accident on alone the accomplished citizenry servers this year. Your boilerplate bank accumulation will not be able to do that abundant DPS afore despawn.

So...Not in actuality an affair I guess, just kinda defeats the point of it accepting a action encounter. Could just as calmly be a left-click "pap" advantage to tag her for the rewards.

Clawdia eventually despawns even if no one is advancing her and gives drops to taggers? I didn't know, I am just acclimated to humans in actuality killing her. Or do you mean, tag her already and let added humans accomplishment her off while you skill?

He agency the aboriginal option. Just tag her and afresh leave her be. Anybody abroad will do the aforementioned and she will allegedly not even go down below 9,9M. You will all still get your drops.

I accept she scales based on apple citizenry (or bank population), but 10 actor HP is too much. Not anybody is traveling to be accomplishing the best DPS abnormally if it will yield 5 annual regardless.

Make below awash worlds easier, not admission the adversity of awash worlds. To be fair, on apple 2 in antecedent years, she was dieing in like 15 seconds.

Yeah but on my world, 25, we were with like alone 10 humans ish, and she had 10m HP. You apprehend us to do 200k~ DPM each?

Just did her with 15 humans in the area. She had 10mil HP. We managed to get her to 5mil afore she despawned. This is idiotic.

It's not counting as a annihilate according to lifeguard bank stats if it despawns afterwards 5 minutes. Does clawdia accolade cb xp?

Unless you are on apple 2 there is no acumen for this monster to accept this bulk of hp.

I did 2 clawdia's so far. If I analysis my kills with the lifeguard it says I've dead her 0 times, which is absolute could cause we couldn't annihilate her. How are we supp to get the RuneScape Gold appellation from killing her then?

I accept that Clawdia is absolute harder to annihilate with 10M HP, Abnormally on F2P apple because there's no way you can annihilate Clawdia with F2P accessory unless there's a lot of players.