RSgole - A designer came in handy

I'm really grateful this modify has happened/is going to occur. I actually kind of want to perform at Jagex right now, but I won't be permitted cause I've cursed decades ago on my consideration and im sure they would make sure during my RS Gold job interview lol.

Jacmob basically developed a botting program and still was able to get a job there, cursing isn't a big offer real anyway.

Its because his capabilities as a designer came in useful, like Google choosing online hackers to evaluate their security. Only because mmg put up the battle.

They had a very strict experience when they discovered out I had a prohibited consideration in my conference.

Do you have to confess to any records you own? So I can't discreetly apply as a dev while shitposting to the normies on Stumbleupon in overall secrecy?

All they had to do is look for my IRL name and that connected to the payment information on the prohibited acc. They do ask on your phone conference if you have any offenses. But I'm sure you could shitpost undercover.

Wonder what they do about totally free players, or individuals using RS credit cards and/or Ties.

Has anyone realized that they always delivery Orborne when crap really attacks the fan? He's a tremendous Public Interaction individual.

Honestly, you can't dislike Shawny or Osbourne. Throw either of them at town and it's near immediate pacification.

Shauny actually does wonderful factors for town and is the best method to pass on information between town and the group.

Osborne, while personally a wonderful individual and obviously quite passionate and considering his perform, and excellent designer, is usually trotted out by the other unskilled J-Mods when they've screwed up and know they've screwed up to cover their errors.

I like both people, but am more negative towards one than the other.