RS introduces construction contracts

RuneScape introduced a better method of increasing the level of construction skills called Building Contracts. With these contracts you help the people of Gielinor with all their building needs and earn experience points as well as useful new items.

Before this update, practicing your construction skills was a lonely affair as you were locked up at home working on your own designs as fast as you can with the left mouse button. However, construction is now a joint venture with construction contracts. With these new quests you will help people in Gielinor with their building needs: repairing their houses and repairing broken furniture.

Talk to a broker in Lumbridge, Varrock, Draynor or Edgeville to get started. They will let you know how the new contracts work and lead you to your first assignment. In addition to earning regular Building XP for a fraction of the cost - and upgrading your skills in the world instead of just in a house - you also earn some extra rewards:

   Board Box: An expandable storage box that allows you to carry at least 25 additional boards of each type. After two upgrades, this capacity increases to 100.

   Achievements: Eight new achievements have been added, all related to new contracts.

   Master of Constructor Outfit: On November 17th, RuneScape will introduce the new Master of Constructor Outfit through disguise as Skill - the Treasure Hunter promotion to complete your elite wardrobe. Outfit parts can be purchased with Building Credits, earned by completing construction contracts.

Getting a full construction outfit - consisting of five pieces of clothing - offers several benefits:

   The ability to automatically remove furniture after construction

   Convert logs into plates on the go

   Temporary construction acceleration +3

   Construction contracts - increased construction progress

   Chances of immediate completion of construction contract repair

   Unlimited teleport to current building contract, houses, home portals and estate agents

New content is introduced with a reduction in Premier Club membership prices. Knowing you're going to be playing RuneScape for the next few months is one of the cheapest ways to join - and you'll get nice bonuses along the way.

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