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The remaster comes with a new live score, recorded by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. I d love to be able to hear what this sounds like against the original, RS Gold as it doesn t sound that different from how I remember it (but we have a

tendency to upscale things in our memories anyway ), but the music is awesome nonetheless. It complements the setting of the game perfectly, and the changes in tempo as the game progresses through major plot points really sets the pace.

(I especially liked Glottis rendition of Rusty Anchor.Which has been permanently stuck in my head all morning. Oh I ve got a rusty anchor ) The live score recorded by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is awesome. It complements the setting of

the game perfectly There were a few gripes whilst playing the game. The main one is a lack of autosave. Okay, maybe it was a conscious decision in order to keep the game as much like the original as possible but in this day and age,

PEOPLE NEED AUTOSAVE! Seriously, I think our warped gaming minds have become so accustomed to our games saving by themselves, so needing to remember to jump to the menu every so often feels a bit archaic and it just interrupts the flow

of the game, too. There also needs to be a prompt on the menus it s easy to click load game or new game instead of save game a little ARE YOU SURE? pop up wouldn t go amiss here.Trust us, it happens. In the true style of the adventure-

puzzle game, sometimes your objectives can be a little obscure and well, it s hard to know what to do. By a long shot, it s not the most difficult of this type of game, and a lot of the time you can work things out fairly easily, but

Grim Fandango does occasionally make the same pitfalls that a lot of games in the genre do. You will come to a point in the game perhaps more than once where you have no idea what to do. Without walking around endlessly for hours, trying

every action and trying to use every one of your items on all parts of the environment, some paths just aren t clear and it can be a little frustrating. I suppose in the age of the internet it s not too much an issue because a quick

Google search will enlighten you but an in-game subtle hints system would be a nice touch, so you don t have to resort to cheating to find out the answer. ;you ll be hard-pushed to find a better-written game than Grim Fandango . The

humour is clever, well-thought out and Buy RS Gold well delivered Grim Fandango Remastered definitely has a set target audience and that s the people who played and loved the games on its original release.