Rise of the Blobs A D tetrislike game RS gold

Rise of the Blobs A D tetrislike game based around dropping blobs of the same color next to eachother RS gold It’s surprisingly polished and pretty fun, but like other games, I didn’t feel like it was addicting or fun enough to stay installed on my mobile for over a week.Timing Hero A great retro RPGlike game where it’s all about studying enemy patterns and timing your attacksdodges right by pressing a button. Fairly fun for a while, but progress bees really tedious later on.

Magic Touch Wizard for Hire Another one of Nitrome’s wacky games, this time you draw certain shapes on the screen to pop balloons before they touch the ground. It’s pretty innovative and interesting but it gets repetitive fast.Redungeon This one almost made it onto the list but I didn’t feel like it was on par with the other games there. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler but it’s really, really simple. Still, a very good game.    

Good Pizza, Great Pizza It’s a game where you make pizza with a REALLY good art style.Sadly it gets repetitive fairly quickly, and the economy is pretty busted in this game. My friend was basically joking around and he figured out that giving people empty pizzas with no sauce or cheese nets you more money in the long run because you don’t use any resources.Eternium Mage And Minions Honestly the best D action RPG on Android. Decent controls, free, and without intrusive ads or a bad microtransactions model. It’s really polished and really, really good. So why isn’t this on the list, you might ask? Call me biased, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was playing a really inferior version of diablotorchlight.

Whenever I booted this game up, the only thought that raced my mind is that I should go play those runescape 2007 gold rather than this one. Also, it sucks up battery quickly because it’s a D game with heavy graphics. If you enjoy ARPGs though, definitely give this a try.Outfolded A minimalist, beautiful game about unraveling shapes to reach the end.The music and sound design is fantastic, but I feel like the gameplay gets tedious when you reach the other levels. The puzzles just don’t feel intuitive after a certain point and you’ll be trying to trialerror your way through.