Ring imbues would OSRS Gold be dropped

Ring imbues would OSRS Gold be dropped from their respective bosses at twice as rare rates. This would mean that there are always more rings than imbue scrolls. Other minigames like Kingdom management would also be disabled I'm taking this concept to the extreme.

Each best in slot gear would be worth tens of millions of gold. That goes for any unique boss drop. The blowpipe would actually be semi-balanced by costing as much as it is powerful. Zulrah scales would be worth enough to cover most supplies per Zulrah trip and scale fishing would actually be viable.

With Nightmarezone gone there would be a market for pure essence Another thing is limpwurts would actually be worth something again, they used to be one of the main money making methods are a F2Per. Dozens of more low level money makers would be viable for new players.

They just let it be. Before GWD there wasn't a single runescape gold amulet monster that dropped magic seeds in the game. Magic seeds were super expensive! How great was it when you were woodcutting and you pulled a magic seed, that made your week.

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