Religious or educational OSRS Gold institution

Religious or educational OSRS Gold institution or organization will enable or have as its aims the systematic conversion of other people. The marketing claims of institutional religions aiming at conversion will be subjected to the same legal test as those of other corporate entities.

Every individual is free to explore the religions and practices of the world without being subjected to systematic marketing and conversion campaigns.To test the asymmetry of the current definition one can predict that this new definition of religious freedom would be most objected to by specific groups prominent among these would be evangelical Christians and their power base.

Most groups that follow ethnic traditions throughout the globe, other than those that act as proxies for evangelical interests, or those that are attached to the presumed neutrality of secular definitions of religious freedom.

Would welcome the change. If anything, that is the clearest cheap OSRS gold indicator of how the current definition of religious freedom is seriously asymmetrical in its assumptions.Nothing in this formulation should be construed as restricting the freedom of any community to practice their faith privately and in congregations of fellow believers.