Really I should of OSRS Gold been told

Really I should of OSRS Gold been told about this before with a calculation of how much they can accept instead of me paying extra. The way they worded this at first sounded like I had only given them m which did not please me at all but after saying.

I did not give them they informed me they only had m osrs gp in stock. Well, I was just happy with the fact that I wasn't getting scammed so I told them not to worry about it and just take that GP as a tip for their service.

I'm not going to argue over gold while they are holding it all, they could log off and leave me with .It also seemed a bit fishy at first. When I first mentioned I wanted to swap 0m rs for OSRS gp they sent me a very quick response saying they had nostock currently in store but a minute after my rate was calculated.

This could just be down to the person talking with me cheap OSRS gold missclicking a button so I thought nothing else about it, although for professionalism you need to be careful for mistakes like this. It could easily turn away customers.