Policies events My RuneScape gold emotions

Policies events My RuneScape gold emotions are overwhelming and confused its hard to get anything done. And my mind is questioning doubt on everything. My mind is trying to see the world from my parents perspective but I cant but I am locked on in on it.

I feel sick and twisted for staying in this house and constantly confused and I want to die. I feel damaged for just living here even in child years let alone adult.I was with dad sitting on the sofa yes I am still in the house but my brain has been conflicted my brain has switched primarily to emotional reasoning because I cannot use logic on it.

Its a moral question a self preservation a question. A question of what is enough to grow some enough confidence to get you to act. I feel so messed up.I want to understand whats going on in my brain. All I know is though I have horrible memory's any good memory or fear is trying to convince me to stay with my parents because gratitude.

Because there right part of me doesn't know if I can make OSRS Gold a better situation. Part of me is afraid what will happen. Part of me cannot see the look on there face when I call the police because it happened when I was little my dad was charged for rape and though it was ok when he was gone though kinda dingy it was scary I was a kid in elementary school I could feel what I though my dad felt