Patra also used his OSRS Gold connections

Patra also used his OSRS Gold connections to stabilize against the witchhunting on Ramdev’s business enterprises by the Congress Govt. But soon Patra’s influence once again made Balakrishna and Ram Bharat uneasy. Patra was let off after some ugly confrontation with Baba.

Today Patanjali is the second largest FMCG company with revenue of Rscrores. Its best selling products are ghee  Rs  crore, Dant Kanti toothpaste  Rscrore. But Patanjali ghee isn’t normal ghee but actually white butter which is not really good for health. Caravan has published a transcript from the book on this section  Link

Part of the reason for Patanjali’s market share is its price. Its below market as Baba believes only in taking a marginal share. But this is also possible because working at Patanjali is considered as seva and asking for increments and privileges are frowned upon. Economic Times has published a transcript from the book on this section  Link

There are a number of violations flagged by FSSAI Food buy OSRS gold Safety and Standards Authority of India including license number fraudulence on Patanjali noodles. A lot of third party agencies have written about the poor conditions and lack of hygiene in the production units.