Other things to know OSRS Gold Having good account

Other things to know OSRS Gold Having good account security is your main way of avoiding being hacked. Have a secure registered email and twofactor authentication on both email and OSRS account. I can recommend Gmail. Always have a bank PIN set never tell anyone what it is. Have a strong password.

Not everyone is a bad person. Whilst this post was a long description of the evils people do, % of people in this game are genuine, nice people If you ever encounter a scammer or hacker report them in game.

For anyone who thinks of anything else to include or finds a mistake, let me know and I will addremove it.

Thanks for the read and I hope you enjoy your adventure.Lately I’ve seen some people posting about their addiction and how rs destroyedis destroying their lives. This post is to appreciate all positive things rs has brought to my life and probably I’m not the only one.

I don’t regret all the hours I spend as a kid playing Runescape runescape 2007 gold What can I say it was fun, but that’s not all. This game taught me a lot of things that helped me in the real life too.First of all I pretty much learned english by playing this game.