OSRS weapon with a special attack

Whether you're fighting in the game or in real life, you need weapons. From something as simple as your own body to the complexities of psychological warfare, weapons come in all shapes and sizes. Of all the weapons in the OSRS, some have "special attacks". These special attacks have different effects and can increase the value of the weapon's OSRS gold.

So what are special attacks?

A Brief Introduction to OSRS Special Attacks

All players have a special attack bar. It fills about 10% every half minute over time. It takes 5 minutes to fully charge from 0%. Switching weapons doesn't affect this at all, meaning you always have one bar of a special attack that you can use. This means you can't turn an empty bar into a full one when you change gears.

If your equipped weapon doesn't have a special attack, you just won't see the indicator. If you hover over it, the description and effects of the unique move will be displayed. Each attack differs in its effect and the amount of charge it consumes to activate.

Here are a few examples of the most popular special assault weapons.

Toxic Blowpipe

In addition to the chance to poison the target, the Toxic Blower's special attack makes this weapon more attractive. At the cost of half the special attack bar, your next attack deals 50% more damage and heals you for half the damage dealt (rounded down). Damage reduction doesn't count, at least not for some enemies. It also doesn't matter if the target has less health than the expected damage.

For example, if your supposed damage is 30 and the target's health is less than 20, you will still be healed for 15 points. This makes it a valuable weapon to carry around to increase your chances of survival. With such efficiency, it is worth spending your OSRS gold to buy it. At the time of writing, it costs about 4 million gold. If you have a Tanzanite Fang, you can use a chisel on it to make it.

Granite Maul

While the Granite Club Special Attack isn't too flashy, with the right strategies and timing it can deliver two to three strikes in quick succession. Movement consumes half your charge to perform an instant attack. This makes him popular in PvP and even the Nightmare Zone. In the latter case, you can use the Power Surge boost to spam it so that you can easily complete the minigame.

This weapon proves that simplicity really is the best weapon. It's not as expensive as the Toxic Blowpipe in modest 41k gold. You don't have to work hard to earn OSRS gold by selling anything and you will get the best weapon to clear the Nightmare Zone. Otherwise, you can hunt gargoyles in the Slayer Tower.

Saradomin Godsword

This hard-to-find sword has the most special attack effects. Spending about half of your special attack bar will give you the following effects. First, it increases your max hit by 10%. Then it doubles your accuracy. Then heal and restore your prayer points! You heal about 50% of the damage done and restore prayer with about 25% of the same.

Like Toxic Dandelion, it doesn't matter if the target has less health than the expected damage. As long as it hits, the effects kick in. This means that even if the enemy is immune to certain weapons, such as Kurask, you will still get healing and restorative effects. However, to increase the healing effect, you need to deal more than 22 damage. The sword can heal at least 10 health and 5 prayers, so dealing less will only restore so much.

With a name like Godsword, you can expect this weapon to be quite expensive. For 35 million gold on the Grand Exchange, you have to sell an arm and a leg or buy OSRS gold to pay for it. You can try to put it together by buying or searching for shards and a handle. However, the shards cost around 150-160k gold while the handles cost millions of gold. The cheapest costs about 3m, and the most expensive Saradomin Hilt costs 34m. If you target the Saradomin Godsword, you will spend more that way.

Of course, these are not all special attack weapons available in the game. These are only the most popular or the most effective. Any kind of special attack weapon can turn a bad situation into a good one, and it can be a good way to earn OSRS gold by selling them.

In any case, enjoy OSRS with this unique weapon and attacks!