OSRS Update Brings Changes to Deadman Worlds and Revenant Caves

Jagex is making major improvements to Wilderness in Old School RuneScape, and today's update is "the first of many upcoming changes" we can expect to see in the coming months. After the maintenance period is over, you'll find a few minor tweaks to the deadly PvP caves, as well as numerous changes to Deadman Worlds.

While exciting features like Wilderness loot keys and bosses have been pushed back to 2022, OSRS will finally see some overdue changes to the Wilderness. They aren't terribly spectacular, but this is the Caves of Revenant's first update in the latest memory and marks the beginning of Jagex's journey to recreate Wilda.

Here's a look at the latest OSRS patch notes:

  • Increased the number of teleport scrolls dropped in Revenant's cave from 1 to 1-10.

  • Revenant Loot Tables now have an extra chance to drop Plague items in addition to their regular loot.

  • Multiple item drops will now appear in greater quantities.

Revenants also saw some healing improvements:

  • Now hold a cooldown that starts after healing, which prevents them from healing again for 15 cycles (9 seconds).

  • They are now guaranteed healing every time they attack when they have less than half their HP, as long as their healing is ready and cooling down.

  • They can only heal themselves 8-36 times before they can heal themselves again.

  • The number of Revenants is doubled in caves and they respawn 33% faster.

If you're playing Deadman World, there are even more changes to watch out for. The full list of updates is long, but here are the big ones:

  • Deadman players have access to the blast furnace at an hourly rate.

  • Pest Control is available if you start with at least five players.

  • Players can pack certain OSRS items (including Multicannons) into bundles through Grand Exchange officials.

  • Players who die in PvP can now lose 10% of their XP on their unprotected skills. This does not affect death in PvM for unskilled players.
  • Deadman players can no longer run for the gauntlet in the middle of a fight.

Jagex said many more Wilderness and PvP updates are planned in the future.