OSRS: Top 5 Missions for Non-Members

One of the best all-round MMO RPGs is still one of yesterday. Old School Runescape offers the perfect blend of grind, combat, nostalgia, and story quests for a complete RPG experience, especially now that more tedious game tasks (and even everything else) can be completed on mobile devices.

5 Misthalin Mystery

This task isn't too cumbersome or almost pays off for many others on this list, but it's still one of the best because it's so fun. This is the perfect job for a new Runescape player as it requires no skill other than the brain and is a great introduction to the out-of-the-box thinking that the game is yours in the future. he will.

The assumption is that you are in a ruined mansion where the mask assassin modeled on the Ghostface character from Scream takes everyone inside. It's a surprising but welcome crossover. You just need to look for clues and then use them to solve the puzzles of the mansion and stop this sadistic killer.

4 Vampire Slayer

This task is brilliant in its simplicity. The problem is as clear as daylight. There is a vampire who must be killed. From there, it is up to the player to collect the materials necessary to complete the task. All you need is a hammer and a stick, of course, but the player can make life a lot easier by bringing garlic or a few other items that have a natural effect on weakening the vampire. It's these little nuances that make the OSRS search system so much fun.

3 The Stronghold Of Security

Okay, I'm going to cheat here, but as we all know, Runescape is about bending the exact rules to make things work, so remember I do. Instead of looking here, I'll spot a dungeon. Especially the Security Fortress. Located near the barbarian village, this dungeon is filled with monsters of different levels and cleaning things up is quite a feat, but only worth it for the high-tier gear and the fact that it's fun to get into work after completing a limited set missions accessible to non-members.

2 Demon Slayer

Okay so this task can be quite tedious and doesn't have amazing rewards, but narratively speaking, it's still a very satisfying adventure and it was one of the first main missions available in the game so it's a classic that shouldn't be overlooked.

The task requires you to collect three keys scattered around the world, and then exchange for a magic sword that can be used to kill the all-powerful demon summoned by evil wizards. Plus, it's a task that I couldn't overcome as a kid, so if you're not doing it for the good of humanity, go and kill this evil monster for me.

1 Dragon Slayer

The original final Runescape mission is still the most daunting task a free player can do. An epic mission requires a lot of preparation from the player as not only is it the hardest for non-members, it's also one of the longest.

After the long collectible part, you will go on the right journey and go to kill the title beast of the quest. Right after killing a series of increasingly difficult minor bosses. Eventually you'll face the dragon and probably die, probably a lot. The task is difficult, but the battles feel big and the rewards for completing them are even greater.

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