OSRS: Top 5 minigames Worth The Grind

Old School Runescape has been pushing its players to hone a variety of skills for 20 years, and has released numerous mini-games over time that will give you much-needed experience along with useful new items.

These minigames include handy XP boosting methods that allow you to earn points to buy exclusive items and even give you a good dose of OSRS gold. However, with so many minigames to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to invest your time and effort. Here are our picks.

Barbarian Assault

Barbarian Assault is a team-based mini game for up to 5 players in the Barbarian Outpost. Teams must work together in a variety of roles across 10 penances before facing the Queen of Penance in the final wave.

With Barbarian Onslaught, you can risk honor points for how well your team is performing, so you can buy the best combat gear available. The main item here is Fighter Torso, which has the biggest power bonus in the game in the game, comparable only to Bandos' breastplate and Inquisitor's chain mail.

Tithe Farm

Located in Hosidius, The Tithe Farm is a farming mini-game in which you plant seeds to grow different large fruits depending on your level. You need to water them regularly before they wilt and then collect them by bagging products to earn points.

These points can be used to purchase the best farming equipment Old School Runescape has to offer, none of which are redeemable. The Seed Box allows you to keep six types of seeds in one place in your inventory and a spice pouch for up to 30 of each dirty herb, both are fantastic for Slayer training. The Gricoller Can allows 1000 uses of the Watering Can instead of the usual 8, and the Farmer Outfit gives you a 2.5% bonus on Farming XP when equipped, which is essential for those looking to acquire the Skill Cape .


Barrows is arguably the most popular Runescape battle-based minigame based on East Morytania where you take turns meeting the five Barrows brothers before going through the sixth chest to the tunnels where you can loot the prize chest.

Barrows makes a lot of money, gives you tons of high rank runes and a chance to get some Barrow's stuff, with 24 items to collect. These armor pieces and weapons are some of the best combat gear for intermediate level players, and the full kits can give you great bonuses.

Pest control

Pest Control is a cooperative combat minigame where you must destroy portals while defending the Guthix Void Knight against aggressive monsters.

In addition to their combat experience, players also earn Praise Points by winning a game where the number of points depends on their level and the lander they may have been on. Pest control is the only way to get non-marketable pieces of Void Knight armor, which provides defense bonuses for all combat attributes without reducing the attack bonuses, making it a popular choice for high-level multiplayer players.

Nightmare Zone

Nightmare Zone is the best battle-based minigame Runescape has to offer, and especially AFK. In the Nightmare Zone, players step into their own dreams to take on the bosses they've defeated before as part of their quests. If you defeat these bosses one by one, you can earn reward points, which you can then spend in a Dominic Onion Chest.

However, the real reward of the Nightmare Zone is the equipment upgrades you can give your items so you can use some of your combat equipment with your points for great bonuses. Various rings, such as archers and berserker rings, can be infused to get doubled gear bonuses, and the Slayer helmet can finally give magical and managed bonuses for attack, defense, and accuracy when used in Slayer quests.