OSRS – The Restless Ghost Quest Guide

If you have a short break to find gold and the glory of OSRS, then the "Uneasy Ghost" mission will be a short adventure. The ghost lives in Rumbridge Cemetery, and the priest of Sara Domin Church asks you to find a way to destroy it.

In fact, this task has no prerequisites other than killing the skeletons or being able to avoid them at combat level 13. However, if you are a member, we recommend using a Lumbridge transmitter with aisle collar. . Therefore, you don't need to find someone who sells OSRS gold medals to get the complete OSRS items for this mission. Many gamers are looking for OSRS Gold to meet their specific search needs, but because the OSRS search is very short, they really don't need it.

Starting the Restless Ghost Quest

To begin the "restless spirit" mission, go to the Lumbridge church and talk to Aereck's father. He said that there is a ghost haunting Lumbridge Cemetery, hoping to get help to get rid of him. You will have a conversation with Father Urhney, who can be found in his home on the west side of the Lumbridge Swamp.

Father Urhney

If you go south from the castle, go west until you reach the swamp. There will be houses nearby, so go in and talk to Father Ernie. It is also a useful OSRS item for other Old School Runescape missions, but you have obtained an amulet from Ghostspeak that you can use to chat with the ghost. Return to Lumbridge and take the nearby small house with a marble box to the cemetery.

Confronting the Ghost

Before checking the box, make sure you have the ghost horse amulet. Ghosts will appear, so talk to him. He revealed that his skull has disappeared and can be found in the wizard tower south of Draynor Village. Go there and get down on the ladder at the entrance. You can find the altar, so even if you are attacked by the skull, look for the ghostly skull. You can kill him or escape. So whatever you decide, return to Lumbridge Cemetery later.

Talk to the ghost again, they will ask you to put the bone on your chest, so use the bone to relax the ghost. His soul will disappear from the river and end the adventure.


There is not much reward for completing this disturbing soul exploration in a short time. However, you will get 1,125 search points and prayer experience points. You will also receive a ghost horse amulet, which is useful for Fenken Strain creatures and other old school Runescape missions.

As you can see, there isn’t much time to be taken up doing this OSRS quest. You don't have to buy OSRS Gold to get basic OSRS items, and it shouldn’t sidetrack you too much. It also provides useful OSRS projects for future OSRS work.