OSRS - The Best Ways To Make Money Based On Your Skills

There are many different ways to earn OSRS Gold in Old School Runescape. However, many often overlook some of the methods that can be used through the skills you train. Here is a list of ways to monetize the skills used in the popular MMO.


Cooking is not the most profitable way to earn money with OSRS. However, this is an AFK method that you can do while performing other tasks. There are also many options at your disposal, from Monkish at 90k. per hour, through Sharks (125,000), Dark Crabs (130,000) and Raw Karambwan (230,000).


Like cooking, fishing is not the biggest source of money, but it is AFK's job that can earn a decent amount of gold. For example, Sacred Eels makes 167,000 gold per hour, while every hour you can earn 200,000 gold on Anglerfish and 270,000 on Minnows. You can also train your fishing skills at the same time, which can come in handy.

Wood cuting

Sticking to the AFK theme, wood carving can be a good way to make gold when you're elsewhere. Magic Logs cutting is a nice little profit, bringing you up to 150,000. OSRS gold per hour.


There are many items you can mine that will be very profitable for you. For example, you can do business with Runite Runite if you want to earn a reasonable amount of OSRS gold reaching 450K per hour. However, prices are rising and falling. Better to focus on volcanic ash for 460K per hour or gemstone for 500K per hour.


This is a money-making skill that you may have overlooked. In fact, you can earn over 1 million OSRS gold every day just by growing herbs. Not only that, but once you've reached farming level 62, you can also plant Snapdragon herbs. They are very profitable and will be a great way to accumulate wealth with your Farming skill.


This is probably the most unpredictable skill in terms of the amount of gold you can earn with it per hour. You want to earn anywhere from 100K to 500K per hour, but ultimately it depends on the most profitable herbs and their fluctuations. That said, keep an eye on the pricing on the Grand Exchange to decide which aspect of this skill is your best option.


To get the most out of your Runecrafting Level from a profit perspective, make sure you have worked hard to increase your Runecrafting Level. It is considered to be one of the best methods of earning money from skills in OSRS, so keep that in mind.

You can earn 1.5 million OSRS Gold per hour with Double Death Runes (Abyss) and exceed 1 million Gold per hour with Nature Runes (Abyss).

Of course, there are alternatives that you can use to earn gold in the game. Many players choose to purchase OSRS gold directly, which can be done through many online retailers who sell OSRS gold. If you want more honest methods, the above methods will serve you well. Have you tried any of these OSRS money making methods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!