OSRS Team postpones the league start until January

The Old School RuneScape team has delayed the launch of Leagues III: Shattered Relics until January.

The decision to postpone this time was also dictated by the lack of willingness to transfer players from the still-busy Ironman group. The announcement is partly related to the release of Group Ironman, and there is still a lot of activity and action in the following weeks. Group Ironman itself was delayed, straining the originally planned period between the two premieres. So this new delay will make up for it a bit, although the timing will be slightly longer than planned or expected due to the season and progress with the Ironman Group.

The positive news is that the launch of the new mode was successful and, according to the team, exceeded expectations. The game was very competitive and some people still find their way and adapt to the challenge of the anticipated new mode. Considering this is the first new mode in years, it's not surprising that people dive in to enjoy the new option and are still getting used to it.

Due to the postponement decision, League III: Shattered Relics will be available from January 19, 2022 to March 2. This time was also made to potentially disrupt someone's vacation plans for the end of this year. With a dedicated community and a tight-knit team, it makes sense.

Although this is a potential bright spot that some are waiting for. Nex will be voted on to add Nex to the game, and if a decision is made by the community, Nex will join and appear in the League on January 5.

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