OSRS tasks with the most experience

Old School Runescape has many quests that players must complete throughout the game. Some of these quests are designed with storytelling and immersion in mind, while others are simply fun experiences that have little impact on XP earning. Today we are going to focus on the ones that will give you the most experience so you can quickly improve your OSRS skills.

These types of tasks can also come in handy when you get started; because not only do they offer great rewards, but they don't require that much knowledge of the Runescape plot before going through it. Usually it involves killing monsters such as giants or dragons, which give large amounts of XP per kill (some can even drop valuable items). Before proceeding with these tasks, make sure you have a stash of precious Runescape gold.

Best F2P OSRS missions to get the most experience

Non-members often struggle to find good quests with generous rewards. However, there are some easy cooking missions for non-members that provide some of the best experience points in the game. The Chef's Assistant is one of the first recommended and satisfying tasks on a new cooking account; offers 300 cooking XP. But even if you don't want to use the Cook Assistant right away or at all, don't worry! There are five other great options waiting for someone like you:

Misthalin Mystery

We invite you to solve the puzzle that Abigail and Hewey have asked you to do. Walk around the Murder House, explore the rooms, find answers to clues in each and earn 600 XP for crafting, as well as Rough Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. You will also receive 1 mission point for solving this fun, beginner-friendly OSRS quest.

Knight’s Sword

If you're looking for a challenge, but don't feel like digging or fighting for hours, this is the job for you! Not only will it take you about 5-10 minutes of your day and earn decent Blacksmithing XP (you can go from level 0 to 29!), but there are other rewards as well. As long as you help Sir Yvin craft his new Blurite Sword, you'll receive 12725 XP Smithing, 1 Quest Point, and the ability to craft your own Blurite Sword by melting Blurite Ore.

Best P2P OSRS missions to get the most experience

If you are a RuneScape member there is of course plenty to do. But when we talk about tasks that can be easily completed without much planning, they should definitely be on your radar.

Plague City

One of the riskier missions to send you west of Ardougne. In this quest you will collect items and find Elena locked in a cave. After saving her, you'll receive the Ardougne Teleportation Spell, 1 mission point, and of course 2,425 mining experience.

Death Plateau

In this OSRS quest you have to go to Burthorpe and talk to Denulth and tell him that you have found another path to the Plateau of Death. The mission is that you try this path yourself first. Completing the path will give you 3000 attack experience, 1 mission point and steel claws.


Biohazard requires you to complete the Plague City quest, one of the easiest missions in OSRS. Now the girl you saved earlier, Elena, will try her monsters and find the results very interesting. Your task is to complete the quest and work with Elena. Doing so will allow you to pass through the Ardougne gate and earn 1250 Thieves XP and 3 mission points.