OSRS proposes changes to Death Drops to ensure greater security

The Old School RuneScape team is once again seeking community feedback for a change to the death deck mechanics that will benefit Ultimate Ironman players.

This change would mean changing the way the death stacks work today to be more flexible. At this point, when players die and drop items, the clock starts ticking and if they cannot return to their item pile, it will disappear without exception after 60 minutes. The risk of losing your items is part of Ultimate Ironman and is something gamers are used to, but the OSRS team is wondering what it would be like to separate the 60 minute timer and make it dependent on the player, not just a flat timer with no exceptions.

As any online gaming veteran knows, servers sometimes crash or there is so much latency that the connection simply drops or doesn't stay for very long. Combine this with a timer that is expiring to make you lose your items forever. This is part of thinking about the proposed change and a fairer approach to players overall. Taking risks can be even more encouraging.

When a player dies as suggested, if you log out or become disconnected, items in the death stack will be tied to the character, so the desperation counter will stop. When you sign in again, the countdown will restart. So you still have an hour, but if your server goes down you are out of luck.

Since this proposed change is just that, and the way it is now working, it is up to the community to decide if it wants to change. But the team comes from where they look at the risks and also make the experience valuable while also considering potential technical issues.

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