OSRS made some changes to the Duel Arena

The Old School RuneScape team is making some changes to the Duel Arena in an effort to improve this feature for the time being, before announcing a full replacement in early 2022. The latest update addresses these short-term changes.

As for the Duel Arena, the team announced last month that they wanted to replace it with something new and said restrictions were coming. Since the Duel Arena was causing more trouble than it was worth, they took a few steps to help out in the meantime.

To help avoid scams and confusion, these steps contain some important limitations for now, while those who wish to participate will only be able to enjoy the mode for a while.

Perhaps the most notable move is their betting limit of 10 million OSRS gold per player per duel, regardless of account type. The team also added two presets based on the player settings used for whip and boxing duels. These settings are intended to ensure that the duel you expect will be the one you are having. Enabling the whip setting allows you to use any weapon with one hand. If you used the boxing setting, you would enter without. If you use the boxing setting, you can do without.

One of the other things that matters is Android's upcoming beta test. The Android beta will begin next week and invited players will see their receipts in their account mailbox. A select few who have a device running Android 8.0 or above can try the mobile version when the test starts next week.

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