OSRS introduces the fifth and final boss of God Wars Dungeon

Old School Runescape completed its epic God Wars Dungeon storyline with the launch of the fifth and final general, the Nex.

Nex was ridiculed in December by a trailer that said: “A prophecy foretold of an ancient warrior imprisoned deep below Trollheim. A force so mighty, so cruel, four hostile armies united to stop evil. They called her the Fifth General. It is said that she collects artifacts of immense power and that the enchanted seal is all that separates the brave from her evil anger.

Today (January 5) Nex is launching Old School Runescape after 90% of the community approves the update. Players can join clans of up to 80 people to face the boss.

As announced, the Nex can also be fought solo in a private instance. Instances are unlocked by completing the Hard Combat Achievement Level, after which you can buy an instance for 150,000 OSRS GP per item. Higher combat effectiveness lowers these costs.

Nex is located in an ancient prison in the God Wars dungeon and can only be accessed after completing the Desert Treasure quest and the mini-quests to unlock the Frozen Door. This Frozen Entry Point has existed since the Dungeon launched, but has been sealed so far! In prison, players must crush a mighty army (consisting of spirit warriors, mages, hunters, and bloody raiders) before they reach the Nex themselves.

By defeating the Nex, players can earn valuable rewards including the Ancient Divine Sword, Zaryte's Crossbow, Torva's iconic armor set, and more. Each player who joins the battle has a chance to obtain a unique item, with better players collecting more loot.

The suggested level requirements for defeating the Nex are: 70 Distance, 70 Strength, 70 Agility, 70 Health. Currently, players cannot roll a monster exam on the Nex. If players try this, the game chat will say, "Can't see their stats."

The fifth general will also appear in the upcoming Shattered Relics League, which will kick off at the RSC on January 19 and will run until March 2 after a postponement from 2021.